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[icon] Arin's Log
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Subject:RP Log - Stardate 77710 - To Orias III with Givur
Time:01:16 am
Trip with Givur to Orias III. Long!Collapse )
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Subject:Log - Orion contact... not very hospitable!
Time:04:43 pm
"Computer, start log."

"Let's see... where was I. Last I updated my personal log was about Dr. Death. Not very much later that same day, Legate Jikall called for available crew. Since I was available, I responded."

"Maybe a bad idea. Kel du'Mag was also present, so we were with three. By the way, the Kel is one of the shortest Cardassians I've ever seen in my life. We flew towards uum... I don't exactly remember. It was an Orion base, I believe. I was not manning any console, so I couldn't monitor very well where we went to. Probably one orbiting Rigel or somewhere close to that. We were in an Aeon Flux, so the trip was fairly short."

"We announced our inbound and they gave us permission to land on their base. So, we all went to the docking bay, awaiting Orion representatives. Before we knew it, we were beamed somewhere at once. It was a brig."

A sigh can be heard.

"And a dirty one too. An Orion stepped in the security chamber and was kind of taunting us. Apparently we had to announce our landing, but uh.. they gave us permission. It's all quite trivial, really. There'd be no improvement in the situation if the other Cardassian hadn't shown up. Yeah, there was a Cardassian who's apparently working for the Orions. The Legate seemed to know him although I wouldn't know from where. Guess my stay on a remote place for so long rots my brain."

"The Legate was allowed out of the brig and went with that other Cardassian out of the security room. After a while they both returned, and the other Cardassian told the Orion to release us. I'm not sure what they talked about, but I guess it has to do with the trivial 'regulation' and the CSV Vetar."

"After our release, we left as soon as possible. We'd get the CSV Vetar back another time, I'm still sketchy on the details. Something about one week for investigations. We all returned safely on Varohdan Nor, where I'm currently in the crew quarters. Pfooey... I'm tired. Getting brigged... and tomorrow is another trip to somewhere far. I better go sleep now."

"Computer, end log."
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Subject:File Attachment - Hideki
Time:11:41 pm
A top-down view of a Hideki class Cardassian ship
Hideki-class Cardassian starship
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Subject:Log - First Mission, 'rescuing' a Dalin and meeting Dr. Death
Time:10:53 pm
"Computer, start log and camera."

The screen shows a female Cardassian behind a dainty small desk which is built in a ship's room. She seems to be in a random ship's crew quarters. Crew behind her are walking on and off, which she ignores.

"Wow, you wouldn't believe what I've experienced today, and part of it is creepy too! I'm currently in Alar Nor's quarters, but boy..."

An announcement is being blared over the speakers, made unintelligible by the noise of the crew. Arin does not seem to be paying attention to it as she continues talking.

"I was strolling around in the starport on Cardassia Prime when I was being called on to crew. Apparently there was a small detachment on Orias Three needing retrieval, many wounded included. So we all went to prepare the Utwig, a Hideki class ship."

She grins, tapping something on the PADD, just out of view of the screen.

"I'll attach a picture of a Hideki class at the end of this log. But anyway, so we went to Orias with the Utwig. Nice crew, I flew at helm. Arrived there without much trouble. We landed, but nobody including me left the ship, so I'm not entirely sure what that place is like."

She scratches her chin. A crew member comes to her and asks her something to which she turns around and responds. The other nods and walks away. She returns her attention to the PADD.

"Where was I.. oh yeah, so we were on Orias and there a few people came limping in. Among them was one Dalin Tolmak, a quite bruised up Dalin at that. He ordered us to go to Alar Nor, so we headed there. Our Cardassian docking procedures are nice, I have to say. Gotta love our efficiency."

She seems to be grinning smugly, in a Cardassian fashion.

"Much of the crew went to take a small shore leave on the station. I'd do too, but then I saw the Dalin limping badly. Offered to escort him to sickbay. Bad move. Baaaaaad move."

Her facial expression is exaggeratedly screwed up when she said 'Baaaaaad move'.

"Well, see, normally I don't mind sickbays. But damn, that doctor was just creepy. I mean, he'd be fit working in a morgue or something. So, the Dalin had to take place on a bed, and the doctor went like 'do you need assistance?'. Boy, anyone, even my blind aunt, could see that the sir needed assistance. So, the Dalin went to explain what his wounds were, and the doc scanned and then said what the wounds were... which we already knew!"

She boggles.

"The story doesn't stop there. He went to grab some weird stuff, and dumped those devices in the sir's wounds and stuff. Looked painful. Extremely painful. And all the time the doc was mumbling something about nails in toes. Then he said he was done and left, while the Dalin was still lying on the bed, with his swollen wounds. Almost thought that was it, but then a nurse came in. The doc might be Mister Torture, but the nurse was a Nurse Annoying. Kept treating me like a little child, acting just like my mother. She brought bandages and started wrapping the Dalin.. and wrapping.. and wrapping.. and wrapping.."

She boggles again and shakes her head. One of the nearby crew who apparently is overhearing this is sniggering a little. Arin starts to smirk when she continues.

"One thing is for sure... the Dalin looked like a mummy after Nurse Annoying was done with him."

She gestures what the thickness of the wrappings must have been. She holds her hands about 30 centimeters apart. A few of the crew who listened in begins to laugh.

"And that was not a joke either. Grabbed a few supports and we left that place very hurriedly. I was released from duty and could go to the local pub and finally ended up here. But damn, never am I setting foot in that sickbay again."

She looks around, glancing at the laughing crew. She grabs ahold of a sock and throws it at them. One of them quips that the doc is well-known and dubbed 'Dr. Death' by many.

"Hush, this is my log, so I say damn well whatever I want!"

"Sure, sure. Go continue!"

She shakes her head and looks back to the PADD, moving her hand towards it.

"Computer, end log. This is enough for now."

End of log.
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Subject:Log - Kora II Set up and headed to Cardassia
Time:05:55 pm
"Computer, start log. Name it Finally leaving the damn outpost! See, I'm so done with that dumb stuff over there. A few hours ago I took a transport to Kora Two to get set up for work within the military. I can't wait until I get some serious assignments to do! The ride was alright, boring, but that was because the ride was so long. That was how far I was from civilization!"

"At Kora, they were pretty helpful. Got my uniform and all that, and it shines! I'm sure this won't last for very long as I'm a bit messy, heh. Mom always screamed at me for not being clean but I digress... After I've finished filling forms on Kora, I went enroute to Cardassia Prime with another transport. This time it was a bit more interesting, more folks on the ride and we occassionally zoomed past another planet or starship. It's been a while, but I actually saw a Galor here and there!"

"I'll probably get called up for duty sometime soon, but for now I'm in this restaurant. Just ordered some Sem'hal stew, I'm starved. It's not too busy here right now, probably because it's normally working time. I'll be one of those people actually doing useful stuff very soon! Anything but that damned outpost."

The background noise increases, someone seems to be approaching.

"Your order of Sem'hal stew, miss."

"Oh, thanks. Computer, end log, time to eat!"
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Subject:Log - First Entry.
Time:05:16 pm
"Computer, open log. Name it First Entry for convenience. Oh yeah, you may turn on that camera thing too."

The screen suddenly comes alive. In front of it you can see a female Cardassian staring at the screen. Her hair seems to be quite a mess and her face could use some cleaning too. She looks like as if she's been in a conduit or two.

"Good, this thing works. Nice. For once I have a useful PADD."

She walks towards a nearby couch and goes to sit on it. There isn't that many furniture in the room. A couch, a small table from which you have a view, and an uncomfortable-looking bed in the corner.

"Seems that my duty on this outpost is over soon. I may return to Cardassia Prime. I hope I'll get a decent job this time, being a watching assistant on a remote place is far too boring to pursue as a career. I've been told I have to hop along to Kora Two first, getting myself set up, and then onwards to my homeworld. I can't tell more since I don't know more than this. Let's see if I have something interesting to tell next time!"

She stretches, it looks like she'd fall asleep on the couch anytime soon.

"Computer, log out. Camera too. It's bedtime."

End of log.
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[icon] Arin's Log
View:Recent Entries.
You're looking at the latest 6 entries.